Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/29 – 2013/09/02


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5 days worth of mails at once~

Where Rena inadvertently  advertises a bento shop (foreseeing a drastic increase in popularity of this brend soon~) ; where “MY Yuuyu” makes a short cameo just to be followed by a deep introspective post ; where wota-Rena is not please by her schedule getting in the way of her fun… at all! (admittedly, Baby Raids look and sound awesome!!) ; where cute Rena… ; …didn’t show up o(; ^ ;)o ; food!  ;  Mi-Mi-ckey cosplay?! ; Sleeping Sleepy Beauty  ; HeavyRote style a few years later~ ;  Frog wants to go to Disney! *cof* ; Where some shows aren’t worth forcing yourself to gulp meat when you hate it u_u”…



Thursday, August 29th 2013  19:30
Red alert : my legs are dangerously swollen. What the hell is that?


I’ve been posing the whoooole time since this morning.
I’m starving.

I was posing in kimono but I felt really tired for some reason and so I didn’t eat during the lunch break but took a nap instead.
And so I could give my best, mobilizing all my energy, until the end~!

Even the staff was surprised.
The told me “You had so much energy all day”.
Because see, today I wore no less than 12 kimonos.
If I were to put them on all at once it would be a total of 12 layers!

Since I’m so hungry, I’m debating eating my lunch Kinbe bento, or maybe something else, better for my skin.
Tomato suupu puriizu \(^o^)/

★Friday, August 30th 2013 11:46
Yuuyu said she wanted to perform in the theater with me~


Good morning

I’m feeling strangely unsteady this morning.

I want to go somewhere where I could shout with all my might.
This world is filled with difficulties, shreds of answers lying everywhere, perceiving everything is hard.
Would it be better if we all had 3D glasses on all the time or something?

I don’t even understand my own self, and it feels like I understand lees and less what is surrounding me, but answers varies depending on people, right?
Just like a dice, answer depends on the side you’re facing.

Thinking too much will only get me exhausted so I’ll stop here.
I’m who I am.
All I can do now is to give my best.

Friday, August 30th 2013 23:40
Receiving energy from what I love. Today too my ears are in heaven.


MSte is ova.
It’s ova, ovaaa.
Babyre is appearing next week? Seriously?!!
Why couldn’t it be this week?! or why couldn’t we appear next week?!
I wanted to see Babyre with my own eyes!!

I’ve been reported that they would be holding lives in such or such places, that they were having events of all kinds…
I’ve been wanting to attend them badly but was never able to, so frustrating!

Lives are fun both when you watch them or perform!
Same for plays, I want to go but I can’t find the time/

But next month I’ll do the impossible to be given the opportunity to go to a live! (laugh)

Saturday, August 31st 00:07
How to practice handshake in Kansai dialect


I finally made my mind on what to wear for tomorrow handshake event!
I opted for something cute as in the past I was told that what I had wear for a certain shamekai looked like a pajama.
When I wear it the other day lots of members praised me, saying how it was adorable.
I’ll believe in their words and try ot again tomorrow.
I find it really cute too.

Let’s become an Osakaien for a little while.

Saturday, August 31st  11:54
For some reason, there is a giant ice-cube backstage


Good morning

Today we have an handshake event in Osaka
Remember the clothes I talked about yesterday? I decided to change them. (laugh)
Today I’ll go with something simple.

Ah, I wanted a skirt reaching my knees with a blouse, but I didn’t have time to go shop to get it.
Plus, I was absorbed by Ama-chan and couldn’t resolve myself to leave my  screen.
Because the serie is reaching its climax, probably…

I had stopped worrying about it by the end of the episode!
May it become a fun handshake event!

Saturday, August 31st  21:23
Love boomerang between Okonomiyaki and Monja


The handshake event is over!
But I have another job starting now.

I didn’t eat anything of all day, but once the event ended I engulfed a splendid plate of nitsuke!
Fish really is delicious, don’t you agree?

I really love sea bream leftovers soup!
And my grandma miso soup.
She doesn’t put fish in her shiromiso, but soumen and aubergines.
This sticky and syrupy texture makes it really delicious!
I love eating it after pouring it in a big rice bowl.
I want to taste it again.

It might be on spare with Osaka most famous dishes even. (ノ)`ω´(ヾ) 

Sunday, September 1st 2013  16:10
I’m among those who find chimaki tasty


It would seem that I made a mistake and send the previous mobame to the official blog~
Shock (*゚ロ゚)!!

Today, I was asked if I had Mickey hairstyle.
Or I was also asked if those were butaman. (tln : pork filled manjus)
Since we were in Osaka I tried something out of the ordinary. (laugh)
I tried to put a ribbon stamp on this picture and I really do look like Mickey here.

It’s the first time I try this hairstyle, but I’m satisfied with the element of surprise it brought.

Let’s enjoy what is left of today handshake event♪

Bu, bu, butaman.

Sunday, September 1st 2013 20:58
Heading to get dinner but incredibly enough I’m not hungry


Today I’m spending the night in Osaka but I’m so so tired…
I could fall asleep right here and now.
I haven’t pierced my finger with an enchanted spinning wheel needle, nor did I eat a poisoned apple, so why?

Did I got too hyper during the handshake event?
Somehow, I finally found my feet again and was able to be myself so it became a really enjoyable time for me!

Hmm, I’m feeling dozy.
Dozing off I’m reflecting on my own view of life.
Each person sees and feels things differently.
I may have been talking way too much lately, so I should put a zipper on my mouth.
I’ve to watch out.
Saying this I became all the more sleepy.

Hmm, I want to sleep. Pinch.

Sunday, September 1st 2013 21:21
It’s a pain to wear make-up all day long! But one has to bear with it to be beautiful!


I somehow managed to wake up and from now on I’m going to have dinner with everyone~
Today halfway through making my Mickey hairstyle, my hair look like this with high twintails!
Funa-chan was passing by in an hurry but she stopped abruptly when she saw that and doubled check me before continuing her way. (laugh)

Looks like it was shocking for everyone.
For me too actually.

It’s fun from time to time to let your temper dictate your hairstyle, no?
But after the event i was thinking that straight was still my n°1.

I want to raise my feminine charm to become cuter and prettier.

First, to have the right mental attitude!

Monday, September 2nd 2013  12:25
Churi’s freedom is part of her charm


Good morning

Today I have work in Osaka.
Later Take-chan will join us.
It’s the first time we will have a work in common and that we will properly be able to talk so I’m a bit nervous.

If I call her Take-chan, nobody will get who I’m referring to, right?
Anyway for the time being Churi and myself are in the middle of Souryou Koubu*.
Today is the final!
Plus since I didn’t have time, I missed the 30th anniversary special Chip and Dale keyholder and tomorrow it changes for Halloween already. So I’m depressed.
I wanted to go today but…

No wayz (ノ)`ω´(ヾ)
But I’m having a good time here too so it’s allll-right

(*tln : Souroy Koubu : Tokyo Disney Land summer event during which several teams compete against each others in taiko competition (more like short musicals), then the audience gets to decide of the winner… or not :p Damn that looks incredible, I think I start to understand where R’s passion for Disney is coming from)

Monday, September 2nd 2013  21:11
Looking how things balance around you allows to ascertain your own position


Done with work, now heading toward Tokyo!
I had a fun and satisfying day in Osaka today ♪

Also, Otameshi! has aired. Could you watch it?
I’ve been reconsidering my apparition a lot after the recording but tell me, did I talk at all?
Hmm, you can only have a glance at me at the beginning right? I myself was extremely downhearted.

When I given the possibility to speak I’ll speak a lot (?), but there I could grasp all the difficulty of free talk.
I told myself I had to stop being my serious and sober self.
I always answer seriously right away so my words come out too strong.
Reflecting upon those things, I tried to give my best during today’s recording too.
Why is it so hard to let go of this weight hanging on my shoulders?

I’ll strive to become natural, though cutely and beautifully.

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/26~28


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Monday, August 26th 2013  12:18
I’ll train and strain to become better at singing


Good morning

Today we had lessons for Mezamashi Live!
From now on we are going to review the whole thing once again to make it a thorough rehearsal.

The problem is…roads are jammed.
Because of summer holidays?

And as I was dieing to loop Nogizaka-chan’s songs, I ended up downloading them.
They’ve so many great songs!

That’s my personal opinion, but there are high chances they will become the second Onyanko Club.
Of course they hold lives, but contrary to 48 they aren’t geared for theater but rather TV… Ah, I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining.
What I want to say is that their elegance and prettiness makes it a perfect group to appear on TV.

And thus I ended up sending a mail to my beloved Ikoma-chan. (laugh)

★ Monday, August 26th 2013  22:31
Currently emitting plusions (tln : plus (+) particles)

When Mezamashi Live ended today, I found myself looking back on this summer and getting slightly sentimental.
It was a fulfilling summer. A summer that is coming to an end.

Those past few months I’ve changed dramatically, growing stronger, but becoming weaker too.
I gained the strength to pass over the complacence I had from not relying on others.
But also the mental weakness tied to relying on others.

Holding on my beliefs, not letting them sway, but how much of those sentiments of mines are properly conveyed to others?
The balance is hard to find.
But I myself wonder : what is it that really matters to me?

If you don’t take any initiative, if you don’t express your intentions, nothing will ever start, right?
If you have legs, if you want to move forward, then you’ve got to start walking.

Monday, August 26th 2013  23:07
People who look good with round glasses have all my respect

I tried Miki-chan’s galsses backstage today.
Unleashing my dark side. (laugh)

But I was told I looked like a great literature expert with them on.
When Miki-chan wear them she becomes Harry Potter!
Yuu-chan too.
We started going crazy and pretending we were Princess Mononoke and Harry Potter.

I did my best to produce a top class sound effect of the glasses fixing scene.
I like those moments of mindless fun.

Tuesday, August 27th 2013  15:42
Being excited as I’m preparing for work, actually my favorite part.

Pardoning me for sending the first message for the day so late?
I’ve been giving my best at work this morning, but I’ll have the right to a reward tonight and am already looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I’ll take part to a shooting with a particular meaning for me, for this purpose I’m heading for maintenance* (tln : what are you Rena-chan? A machine? (“°^°) )
My reward for completing the tour and our various lives.

When that will be done, I’ll take care of a few small business.
Summer is nearly over but if I don’t hurry, I’ll end up confined indoor before I was able to do any of those summer-typical things. (laugh)

But even though I have no regrets♪
Everyday is fun!

Tuesday, August 27th 2013  21:29
In the end my everyday life is just another book among a multitude.

Once work ended, I went walking aimlessly.
But because it’s still summer holidays there were many people in the streets, which led me to scour a book shop looking for manga.

I’ve turn round and round in the shop for almost an hour, but thinking about how all those books each had their own universes and stories, surrounded by them I felt like I was floating in the cosmos.
If I was to read this piece that I’m still unfamiliar with, my world would extend to the same proportion? As I made such speculation, I suddenly felt feverish!

It’s wonderful to think about all those worlds you’ve yet to discover, right?!
I thought how I wanted to absorb myself more in what I liked and what I had yet to know.
There is no such thing as something vein in one’s life.

Tuesday, August 27th 2013  22:25
I can’t bear CM when watching Disney movies on TV, so i switched to DVD (tln : Should you really say that when yourself have done and will do again, commercials? xD)

I didn’t exercise today so my body is fidgeting.
I want to move, I want to dance.

What about an improvised solo stage?
I didn’t perform in any stage this month, but if I don’t practice for next month I feel like I could forget a lot about it.

This past week I’ve been pushing my body and moving every day.
I used to hate sweating, but now I like it.
It ties to my fondness with devoting myself to something.

Ok, let’s get to the things we’ve to do!
And then tomorrow, may I be able to watch Tarzan!

Wednesday, August 28th 2013  14:46
Downtown people are really warm

I had monja for lunch!
It was so good I felt like I could eat a whole monja by myself!
I so I swore to myself.

Let’s take it down by ourself.

I can totally do it. No problem.
And I even received a spatula with my name on it from the owner!
(S)he told me to bring it with me the day I would come again.
I couldn’t hold back tears of gratitude at such display of kindness.

But now I’m back to the shooting.
Today I’m posing outside a looooot ・*・:≡( ε:)♡ 

Wednesday, August 28th 2013  18:06
Blessed with continuing shooting works

This pleasant shooting ended♪
Today I was posing for a magazine but the atmosphere was retro, with knee-length skirts, cotton dress and even got to walk in getas.
There was another reason making me euphoric but it needs to remain a secret for a little longer.

I wonder if it’s alright for me to say “please look forward for it”…
Well, you should know by next month!

I also got to pose with a cat plushie and received lots of sweets. (laugh)

I have another shooting tomorrow, let’s do some exercises tonight.
Ahh, I’m craving monja again!

Wednesday, August 28th 2013  22:57 
Tarzan too is a masterpiece. Such muscles!

Today I got to wear a yukata for the shooting.
I was also given an uchiwa and fanning myself it really gave me a summerish sensation.

But then when I said
“I really feels like summer (*´・ω・‘*)”

someone replied
“Summer is already ending!”

Gosh, that’s true! ∑(*´・ω・‘ノ)ノ

I was ashamed and hides behind my uchiwa. (laugh)
Also, today the hair stylist made my hair in a lovely fashion which really pleased me.
We didn’t have much time, so (s)he made it in a jiffy while I was eating.
When I put down my chopsticks, my metamorphosis was complete. (laugh)

The make-up assistant gave me ton of tips too.
I’ll need to put that into practice♪

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/25


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Sunday, August 25th 2013 21:54

The concert is overrrrrrrrr!
Sorry I couldn’t contact all day. Forgive me?

You know somehow I feel I changed a bit, nope, tremendously, through this tour.
I’ve come to express my true self more, I’m having more fun and can mute my inhibitions in a way I wasn’t able to before.

Is it because we didn’t perform a simple concert but we all experienced the same tour this time?
Building something together results in a feeling of unity, right?
Thought it’s something I ought to have achieved much earlier.
Still, that may well turn out to be a great step forward for me.
Thank you for bringing me self-confidence.

Boosted by those feelings, let’s go all out tomorrow \(^o^)/ 

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/21~24


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Lots of crouching R, coke-lover R, restless R, planning SKE tour R and R’s hair failing to be straight… A bit like her. *shot*


Wednesday, August 21st 2013  22:49

Eardrums quivers when listening to something we like, right?


Work is still going on…
They were pitying me so the staff brought me a 1.5L bottle of coke.
Because I love coke.


Alright, I’m not done yet with my task so let’s keep the good mood on and try our best!
Because I love my job ♪

When that will be over, I’ll review one last time for tomorrow and dive in my bed.
I’m very much looking forward to that instant right now. (laugh)

Somehow today when BUMP was streamed in the audio car I felt like crying.
Such happiness. I can move mountains!

Thursday, August 22nd 2013  11:25
Life only last that long,  a lukewarm attitude will only lead to spoil it


Good morning

D1 of Tokyo Dome is upon us.
When I think I last stand there one year ago, time sure flies.
This place is filled with the memories of everything that happened last year, all the things that changed.
Things are changing this year too.

Anyway, I have to be grateful for being given to sing here.
It’s a stage I couldn’t have reasonably dream of standing on.
But exactly because it’s something I had not expected to happen, my life is entertaining today.
Unable to predict what is going to happen, I’m thrilled.

Now, let’s go cheerfully.

Thursday, August 22nd 2013   17:38
Angels* are cute. Me too I’ll become an ang— … maybe not (laugh)


Tokyo Dome concert is about to start!
Today I made my hair into twin-tails.
I made a selection of hairstyles so my hair would keep its form.

I wonder if once the live over my hair will really still be the same.
Let’s make the impossible possible.

I hope it will turn out to be a great concert.
I’ll do my best to be able to talk to Akimoto-san.
I’m the kind who will always wait for the perfect timing to try to approach someone.
But there I should just go for it!
Good things shall happen today ♪

(*tln : actually a reference to Imade who came to visit everyone backstage after the performance that day~)

Thursday, August 22nd 2013   22:40
I’ve the feeling something extraordinary is going to happen* but that might just be all in my head

D1 of Tokyo Dome has endeeeed (*゚ロ゚)!!
Akimoto-san was lovely, I thought again how I really appreciated her.
I want to become a senior reliable like her*, or rather it’s something I have to achieve absolutely. (tln : “a senior with such a cool back” in the text. Somehow, this came to mind (o°^°o)=3)

Also, after dancing and singing with all my might my body is ripped like steel♪
Domes make it so that you have to run a lot, but receiving the energy from everyone it’s really fun.
May this happiness be handed down to everyone ♪
I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!

(*tln : all teams got a new stage… Heard something beforehand Rena-hyon~? )

Friday, August 23rd 2013 16:06
When you pour milk on shaved iced, you could as well call it milk ice

The performance is drawing close.
I can’t calm down.
Why am I fidgeting so much today?
I tried to capture this condition in the attached picture.

I was looking for a seat in the changing room and ended finding a bit of composure in the corner of the corridor.
That’s where I felt the more at peace.
I did give a fright to a few members passing by though. (laugh)
Hmm, let’s review one last time the whole program for today’s concert.

Friday, August 23rd 2013 23:05
Life plans are like a stacked daruma anyway, no?

Day 2 of Tokyo Dome has ended.
It’s good that by multiplying our experiences we can in the meanwhile gather responses from all parts.
I had a lovely time today too.

I love fun lives so I’m very curious to know if people who attend our lives are having fun.
And so, we came to discuss about SKE’s tour even though we’re still in the middle of Tokyo Dome.
“That would be amusing” “This sounds fun too” “What about the play?”…
I wrote down everything so I wouldn’t forget later♪

Let’s make the best out of tomorrow and the day after.
Tomorrow will be put under the sign of gratitude and the strive for victory!

Saturday, August 24th 2013 10:23
Mountains are there to be climbed, right?

Good morning

I’m planning to make my hair straight for today’s live.
I’ve to make sure though that it doesn’t get caught in my hair ornament.
Maybe because I dance too frantically but my earrings and hair ornament tend to get caught in my extensions!
Since there is no way to get them off, I ended up cutting my hair countless times during this tour…(´;ω;‘)uguuu

I felt like crying when that happened but I was strong and didn’t!

That’s also why I opted for twin-tails.

But today and tomorrow I might go for straight.
Unless I try ponytail tomorrow?
It will depend on my mood.
But today I’m fixed on straight*. I won’t let my determination sway!

What song is SKE going to perform today after a long time?


 (*tln : turn out Rena made her hair up. *cof*becausemyoshicantinstraight*cof*)

Saturday, August 24th 2013 21:43
Phone agitation!

D3 of Tokyo Dome is over!
I feel a bit sad thinking about how tomorrow will be the last concert.

I feel all the more sadden that I won’t be able to perform in the next stage.
I really have to cherish every occasion I have to step on stage.
But if I miss the stage it’s because of a superb work I have been assigned, so I’ll do my best to shine there in replacement.
I’ll work hard so every and each of my gesture is sparkling!

Right now I’m watching Fushigi Hakken, Yoshiki-san is so darn cute!

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/20~21


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Tuesday, August 20th 2013  10:06
This morning I want to have a good feed of tofu


Good morning

My eyes have been acting up violently since I woke up.
What the hell is that?∑(*´・ω・‘ノ)ノ

It’s probably due to the prolonged exposition to strong lights during lives but I feel like going to the clinic to check it out.
Gimme eye drops \(^o^)/
I just have to pray I’ll have some hole in my schedule to go.
But it’s not like I couldn’t see! So it’s ok.
I have my glasses to help too!

People who wear contacts all the time are impressive.
My eyes are irritated if I put them so I can’t |・ω・‘)

If my eyes don’t get better soon, direction the clinic!

Tuesday, August 20th 2013  20:08
Putting on my favorite clothes, happy as a clam!


The costume I wear for Nagoya Dome Ame no Pianist was in fact HKT Naa-chan’s  costume!
SKE’s one has a different feel to it. (tln : frog much prefers SKE one (°^°)=3 )

Wearing red I can feel my inspiration increase.
Red is truly the color of passion, isn’t it?
Now I feel like wearing SKE outfits after a long time.
Like the Nante Ginga ha Akarui no Darou one or Dare ka no Sei ni ha Shinai.
I don’t have the opportunity of wear Akagumi’s outfits lately so I’m getting nostalgic.

I also like Shirogumi’s Bazuka Hassha’s costume.

Although my favorite SKE costume is in fact 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku‘s one.
It’s quite humble but it fits just right and is cute, totally to my liking.
It’s been a long time, I want to wear it.
On top of my “want to wear now” list. (laugh)

Next time I pass by the costumes storage room I should ask to borrow it~♪

Tuesday, August 20th 2013  22:48
What’s cute is cute, it makes me want to scream


A was falling in a doze until just now.
It’s not the time for this!
I have to properly organize data in my head(*゚ロ゚)!!

But as I’m fighting against this feeling of impending crisis, I can’t help but being troubled by Morizo and Kikkoro that I saw in my dream.
The two (?) were in Satsuki and Mei’s house.
Too weird for words.
Well, that’s what dreams are like after all.

Ah, complete change of topic but my favorite seiyuu, Kamiya-san, is having so many strange roles such as penguin, cat or squirrel that upon realizing it I was like “(*゚ロ゚)!!”.
Hard to imagine when you watch Shingeki no Kyoujin. (laugh)
This season among series I follow I particularly enjoyed Rozen Maiden ep 02 to 04.
I loved the cold sweat they gave me and couldn’t get enough of this thrilling atmosphere.

Anime are the best stress reliever for me \(^o^)/ 

Wednesday, August 21st 2013  11:42
Handmade onigiri are delicious -> agreed


Good morning

I downloaded BUMP-san latest song \(^o^)/

I wonder why, but it relaxed me a lot
It’s like all the stress in my body was released at once.
I’ve listened to it again and again, carefully tasting every note.

The first lyrics swiftly coming to the ears.
Ahh, I’m dying to hear it live.

I’m still vividly remembering last year live I attended.
I need to be able to produce something as good as this.

And while I’m writing something like this, today is the release date of Koisuru Fortune Cookie \(^o^)/
Sometimes abbreviated in Koi’chun.
Koi’chun-chun -> meaning everyone love Nakanishi, right? \(^o^)/

(trivia : Rena’s hand sign “chuun” was inspired by Nishishi and based upon her nickname but herself doesn’t remember how/why that happened)

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/18~19


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On the scale of “Shit is Coming” ranging from 1 to 5, please rate the last mail.

Hmm…12? | |д・)


Sunday,  August 18th 2013 21:19
A girl who isn’t good with paper planes

Yaー (・ω・)ノ

Done with all my work for today.
There was amestar today and I properly took care to important matters I had to settle.
I was happy seeing so many smiles around me.

The child of the make up artist was there today, (s)he spent the whole time playing with the wardrobe assistant making paper planes fly. (S)He was really cute.
Those had to be the thinnest paper planes I had ever seen, more like darts really. They would fly straight to end up stuck somewhere.(laugh)
Children don’t have wicked lingering thoughts so I’m very interested in how their mind works.
I wonder how I was myself as a kid…

Sunday, August 18th 2013  22:40
Blinding someone with dust isn’t something to do for real, right?


Today I went to the exhibition of someone who took take of me in the past.
It was really a warm exhibition.
It was brimming with smiles, there were life-size panels and was overall wonderful!

Every encounter is precious.
It’s true for fans, staff, members.
I wouldn’t have met any of them if I had not picked and advance on this way.
That’s why I must be thankful.

It would be great if everyone could keep smiling forever.

It’s good if everyone is smiling.

Monday, August 19th 2013  10:30
I like the crunchy coating around financiers


Good morning

I’m planning on going to the beauty parlor once work will be over but I already got my make up artist to cut my bangs.
That’s ok, it’s the same person who attached my extensions.
Thus, my field of vision is now cleared!

There is one thing bugging me though. The yogurt I drank this morning had clearly a weird smell and was kinda sour…
I-it’s gonna be okkkkkkkkk, right? |・ω・‘)*shaky*

I’ll believe it’s going to be ok and give my best during shooting♪

I like this denim outfit!

Monday, August 19th 2013  19:40
Having fun watch live DVDs


I got praised by my make up assistant today for changing cosmetics.
I’m such a simple-minded girl it made me happy for the day.

On the way to the beauty parlor today I passed by a shop which had Sales going on. I decided to check it when my hair was done and right when I was to cross the threshold, there was Matsuko’s doppelganger!
My breath stopped for a second and I wondered what I should do.
It wasn’t even her, it was just someone looking like her!
I had not quite stepped in so I was about to turn tail when… our eyes met~∑(*´・ω・‘ノ)ノ

I was at lost, unable to decide what to do. Why did it turn like this?
There was only one thing left to do. Grin, spin on my heels and walk away fast.
It had been a long time since I last was startled by someone’s gaze.
Well my that was stressing.

Though now I’m reconsidering the situation, wondering if it wasn’t rude of me.

Monday, August 19th 2013 22:10
I shall change those feelings of uneasiness into konyaku threads when they pop-up.


For some reason, I’m being perplex regarding what my position really is.
*spin & whirl* *spin & whirl*?

Today I had some time and watched live DVDs of different artists I had brought with me.
All of them were unique. Enjoyable and perfectly conveying the artist utmost efforts.
It got me thinking about what SKE fans are seeking, what would make them happy.

In the meanwhile, I started to wonder about my own place, where am I standing?
And then I was thinking how I didn’t want painful things to happen during lives anymore but how this might be unavoidable nonetheless.
Ah, that’s not about me, ok?

I’m…alright. Things are fine.

Some~how, didn’t it become slightly gloomy?
It’s alright, I like fun things so all I want is to do fun things.
It’s ok as long as everyone is smiling.

Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/08/16~18


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Basically all about Nagoya Dome concerts and the announcement of SKE 3 solo concerts with NagoyaDo.

One line particularly interesting :
“we wanted it so badly that we had discussed over the idea of making an announcement ourselves of our own accord at the very end of the performance.”

So basically if Shiba had not appeared, we would have had Rena making an announcement instead? Damn, it would have been surreal. I would have love to see that but it would have probably piss the higher ups for good. Still that would have been epic! *ahahahah*

She mentioned in Mu~Comi+ today that herself and some other members (Churi, Nishishi, Masana and Akarin I presume) had planned a whole tour on their own, researching the best days and possible venues and had handed it to the staff. Rena even contacted Yasusu to request a last time to be granted a tour right before D2 of Nagoya Dome, to which he told her to believe in adults.

To know how much members wished for that tour and NagoyaDo makes it all the more wonderful somehow.

Congrats girls.

Friday, August 16th 2013 22:22
I was happy to spot many people wearing this t-shit



First mail of the day!
Nagoya Dome concert is over!
I gave my best all day long and focused entirely on the performance.
There is no doubt left in my mind, I want to have concerts.
We’re lacking opportunity to hold concerts.
I want those concerts so badly I feel like crying!

Today I was reminded of how much I loved our fans’ ardor.
That’s why I have to try harder and harder.

Ahh, I’ve barely eaten anything of the whole day so I should grab something but only when I’ll be done with work!

Friday, August 16th 2013 23:07
I want to play Bomber Man!


My body hurts after pushing myself too much.
I’ve to take care of it for the sake of tomorrow but the simple idea of entering the bath sounds troublesome.
Still, there is no escaping from taking a bath (´;ω;‘)Uh~

I’ve been looking back on everything that happened today since the concert ended and will try my best to use it to leverage tomorrow’s performance!
I’ve to follow Akarin’s example!
Becoming the protagonist no matter where, no matter when!

Let’s add bathing powder to our water tonight!

Saturday, August 17th 2013  21:45
I’ve cried so much my eyes will certainly be swollen tomorrow


When Nagoya Dome concert was coming to an end, new concerts were announced!

Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya Dome

I wanted to hold concerts or have a tour for such a long long time and had tried so hard to negotiate it with Tomoya-san and other persons in charge that I was overjoyed.
Because you know, I had nearly given up.
But we wanted it so badly that we had discussed over the idea of making an announcement ourselves of our own accord at the very end of the performance. But then this wonderful announcement came of itself which made me so incredibly happy!

I had not cried that much on stage since S last stage. (laugh)
For a long while I just kept crying and crying.

I’m so glad it was a positive surprise.
We will run toward those stages with all the strength of the joyed which filled us today.

I was really happy when the 3 leaders got together on stage and launched a “Whaaa~” and that all the fans followed us with the same “Whaaa~”.


Sunday, August  18th 2013  11:54
With all my might.


Good morning.
Good morning.

I simply wanted to try to say it twice. (laugh)

SKE’s Nagoya Dome announcement featured in TV news this morning, when she saw that a dear friend of mine sent me a congratulations mail!
She told me she actually came to see the concert the day before yesterday and was even in the venue yesterday when the announcement was made.

But when I saw the video myself I realized my bangs were dripping wet and didn’t have any form.
It may have made some people laugh but it’s the proof I performed with all my might, I’m not embarrassed a single second by all this sweat!
Remaining all neat and pretty might be preferable, but it’s not my fault if I’m having so much fun~
It can’t be helped *defiant look* (laugh)

Though I have to confess that lately I’m surprised myself by how much I sweat.